My name is Laura Coyier (coy-er).

I have submerged myself in many different areas of creative over the years. I started as a lifestyle/athletic model with Sports + Lifestyle Unlimited and moved into photo styling and creative direction with major athletic apparel brands and independent photographers. This is where I learned my passion for brand and product storytelling! I now work professionally as a Project Account Manager at a photography studio where I work with my clients to bring their brand story to life through photo and video content! My goal is to continue growing my career in the fashion/apparel industry and bring brands to life through storytelling!

CAREER ADVICE: I've had one heck of a time navigating my career within the creative industries and want to help others out by lending advice and insights from my experience. Check out my Career Advice section for tips & tricks on succeeding in the career you want!

SHORTY’S GOT CAKE: If you know me you know that I can wear MANY different hats and love to wear them all! This blog hits on all those endeavors from wedding day coordination & cake design to art direction, integrated production and branding. This is where I can bring my ideas to life, exercise content creation, and have a creative outlet for all the sweetness (i.e. “CAKE”) I can bring to the table! 

I am not afraid to take risks, be myself or of being humiliated - I strive to learn from it all.