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CAREER ADVICE - Don't Give Up!

It's been years of back and forth for me trying to navigate my career... starting as a fitness and lifestyle model at age 23 and then moving into photo styling, talent management, hair and makeup, directing, etc. I've done so much and feel so lost! You would think I would have this awesome career path ahead of me but I have made some mistakes and was ill-prepared when I first started navigating my career. That said, I want to help YOU not make those same mistakes and maximize your entrance into whatever career you want.

My biggest piece of advice = STAY HUNGRY!! 

You will always have people telling you that you can't and that you need this experience or that experience or that you need a specific type of education. NOT TRUE.

  • Meet with the right people - message people on Linkedin who are in careers you are interested in and send them a message requesting to pick their brain and learn how they got to where they are!
    • Follow-up with these people and THANK THEM. Stay in contact with them.
  • Save ALL your contacts (don't rely on email to save communications - I was hacked one year and lost ALL my freelance contacts over 5 years - use something like an excel spreadsheet).
  • It's okay to pivot in your career - don't be afraid to try new things and dabble if you don't know what you want to do, you will get there!

This is just the beginning of my career advice section but much more to come and I look forward to hearing your input on what you would like to hear!

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Treat Your Feet - Munro Sandals!