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Creative Careers - Can you make money!?


The answer is ABSOLUTELY! I have dedicated many hours to interviewing professionals within the creative industries. From Creative Photography Directors to Brand Managers, I have come to learn that you can make a sh!t ton of money in these industries. Contrary to what most people have heard growing up from parents, the education system, and from peers, creative careers are on the rise as technology takes our population farther away from personal connections. Creative are here to stay and are starting to truly prosper!


I recently spoke with Maria Sheehan who is a former professional photographer turned Creative Career Coach. I can tell you first-hand that this brave woman has taken risks, been at an ultimate low, and pulled herself back up to reach her creative career dreams as a coach. She helped inspire me to think positively and continue moving forward in my career as it can be very depressing as a young creative struggling to find work and make a valid income.


So, what types of careers are out there and how to you even begin to start narrowing your career search? My recommendation is to start by conducting some research. Check out the websites below:

Trade Schools - this shows you an overview of different career paths you can take and what that future might look like once you pick your path!

Adweek - this shows you all the latest in the world of advertising. I highly recommend adding this as a bookmark on your browser.

Industry Guides - This website is GREAT! It shows you tons of links and various information on paths you can take in marketing, packaging, media, or consumer goods.

American Marketing Association (AMA) - If you have done your research and are ready to begin applying, check this job board out as it is a resource I found very late in my career and is so helpful!

U.S. News - This will give you a list of 8 creative career paths and dive into each!

More to come from here but hopefully the above will give you a solid place to start your research!

The Power of Podcasts and Doing What You LOVE!

The Power of Podcasts and Doing What You LOVE!

Phone Interview - Learning Moment

Phone Interview - Learning Moment