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eCommerce Photography/Styling || Tips & Tricks

eCommerce Photography/Styling || Tips & Tricks

Consumer Motivation

What makes or breaks the decision for the consumer to click "Add To Shopping Bag" and then "Continue to Checkout"? 

Lately my schedule has been insane and with fall weather fast approaching, I need to get some key items for my closet but have no time to shop... Aside from the fact I work at a high volume product photography studio (never hurts to do some at-home research), I also wanted to do a bit of research on my own to learn what brands are doing with photography and if that is really impacting my shopping experience.

For this research, I have used LuLu Lemon as an example. LuLu Lemon is currently leading in eCommerce photography (in my opinion). From styling and talent diversity through to detail shots and garment fabrication.

1. Partial Zip

Showing style option for on-model

  1. Consumers don't know how to style their own apparel so, they need help before they buy to understand how each item can be styled and what it can be paired with duh (examples below seen on the LuLu Lemon website featuring the Define Jacket | Women's Jacket). 

2. Unzipped

Displays alternate styling option and product movement/weight from pose

2. Switching-up the pose of your model to show how the product moves and lays in different positions is key... as you can see in the above image, this jacket is flexible, fitted, and medium-weight by the way it is catching the air yet not fully blown back (examples below seen on the LuLu Lemon website featuring the Define Jacket | Women's Jacket).


3. Full Zip

And in a different colorway!!

3. Showing a full-zip styling option allows the consumer to see how the fabric is connected by the zipper... Personally, I would have moved the hand positioning on the bottom of the jacket as it does not allow the consumer to see how the zipper naturally rests but, I think this works as well (examples below seen on the LuLu Lemon website featuring the Define Jacket | Women's Jacket)!

4. It's all in the details... As a consumer, I want to see the tiny little accents on the zippers and the hidden pockets under the wrist! Don't hide those hidden gems - BRING ‘EM OUT! 


ALTERNATE OUTFIT PAIRING:  Consumers don't know how to style themselves so, help a sister out! Show them alternate styles for how to wear the garment to work, workout, and hangout! Nordstrom.com kills it with this as does P.E. Nation with their incorporation of their Instagram shop! 

"Sustainable Fashion"

"Sustainable Fashion"

Blending IN While Standing OUT!

Blending IN While Standing OUT!